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Re: [SLE] Window manager choices for KDE
> Derek, what version of Kwin are you running? Perhaps you might try KDE
> 2.2's version of KWin which has some improvements, and quite possibly could
> have the bug you refer to fixed (KDE 2.2beta1 is available now, KDE 2.2
> final will be out next week).

It's Kwin from 2.1.1, compiled from source. I actually set about recompiling
CVS KDE2.2 last night, but it takes a loooong time, even on my dual PIII box.
It hadn't finished when I went to bed so I still don't know if it will work

The issue has been raised on the KDE development list before (by me actually,
when I was trying to get Forte to run). It became an unpleasant sight,
watching to see who could get the slopiest shoulders! It seems the KDE guys
sloped just a bit more - Blackdown et al have fixed it in the latest JDK
release. See my next post...

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