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Seriously OT: Need help with HTML
Hi All,
I have a little deal where I need to run some javascript code when someone
clicks on a link. The link shouldn't go anywhere.. let me explain.

The link is on a person's name, and when they click on their name, I want to
pop up a little window that gives them all of the information about
themselves. I have the javascript already written, and the PHP code written
to get the data from the database... it's the link part that is tripping me
up now.

I have this:
<a href='' OnClick=MyInfo()>[person's name]</a>

and it's working -- the window pops up and everything looks great... but the
page that the link is on does different things in different browsers:
IE5.x/Netscape 4.x/Mozilla 0.9: Tries to access the directory that the URL is
in, subsequently getting a "directory browsing is denied" error.
Konqueror: Works fine, but the link isn't underlined like a link is supposed
to be.

What can I do? Has anyone tried to do something like this before?

Thanks for putting up with the off topic thread :-/


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