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Re: [SLE] Matrox may become my choice...WOW!
This is very commendable indeed. I liked the quote given below.
Matrox is a strong supporter of Linux with a dedicated team devoted to
further enhancing its compatibility and feature support. Matrox released
specifications for its various Millennium graphics cards in 1997, 1998,
and 1999 and became the first graphics card company to support single-slot
dual-display cards on the Linux operating system in 2000
I remember when I first got into Linux in 1997 Matrox were despised by the
Linux community for not releasing the specs for the Millennium I card. It
took months of campaigning and boycotting Matrox before they gave in and
we finally got suitable drivers. I had to run my Millennium I at 640x480
16 colour for quite a while. It's quite a turnaround really. Anyway, my
point is, if the Matrox of 1997 could be persuaded to open source the
Linux driver then the Nvidia of 2001 could also be persuaded given enough
of a push from the Linux community.


Ben Rosenberg <ben@xxxxxxxxx>
31/05/2001 22:14

To: suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx
Subject: [SLE] Matrox may become my choice...WOW!

I may just concider getting a Matrox card now...I think this negates
nVidia's bullshit excuses for not open sourcing their drivers...since
Matrox has and even provided a utility for configuring X in every
mode...even duel head an T.V. tuners. This is damn cool.

Ben Rosenberg
If two men agree on everything, you can
be sure that only one of them is doing
the thinking.

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