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Re: [SLE] Logitech cordless mouse puzzler
> As a security freak I like the idea of card readers on the desktop. My bank
> has the basic 128-bit SSL connection and lets people use insecure
> passwords. It does work under Linux, though not in Konq. My GF's bank works
> in Konq.

Security is good.. the bank's attitude is not. Linux can be a dirty work in
some places like my bank, and my ISP - same problem here in the Netherlands
as was pointed out in an earlier conversation about ISP's in Belgium.

> - - When you reboot, are you turning the computer completely off? That
> sometimes makes a difference

Nope didn't try that... worth a try though.

> And now for the desparation part you need to be or know an EE for this
> stuff:

Oddly enough I am an EE ;-) I like your suggestions... now if I hadn't sold
all my test equipment before I moved over here. Good incentive to go find


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