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Re: [SLE] Windows/Linux is bumming me out
Hi Chris
Did you try - dos/windows boot/rescue floppy ?

Put dos/windows boot/rescue floppy into your floppy drive.
type C: now hit enter
this will put you on the C drive C:
looks like this
now - do
CD WINDOWS now hit enter
looks like this
C\WINDOWS: you are now in the windows directory on your c drive.
now CD to COMMAND directory where all the windows utilities are stored - fdisk,scandisk - etc.
do it like this CD COMMAND
you should now be in the COMMAND directory. looks like this -
now type FDISK /MBR hit enter
looks like this -

that's it , now FDISK /MBR should run , and copy back your main boot record from a copy on your HD
looks like lilo hosed your MBR for some reason - may be something you did ? so you may want to take a close
look at your /etc/lilo.conf when you get back in your linux partition.

Hope this helped - good luck - may the force be with you !
John W Mislan

On Wed, 30 May 2001, Chris M Miller wrote:
> Ok. First thing, there was a guy name Jonathan on this list who was
> trying to help me re-install X. Well, on my dual boot machine (Windows
> 2000 Pro./SuSE 7.0), something has happened to the boot table(?), so I
> can't boot into Windows to use my ISP. Right now, I'm limping along on
> one of my old machines. I get the IRQ list, and then nothing. I think I
> can still boot into SuSE, but I have some data on the Windows drive that
> I would like to rescue thru Linux. If I can get my X working again, I
> could use XRoast to burn it to a cdrom and then I would have to reload
> both Windows/Linux cause after more than a year I am still not
> comfortable using Linux.
> If anyone can help me troubleshoot/advice on this, a round of drinks will
> be in order, especially for Jonthan.
> thanks,
> -Chris Miller
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