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Re: [SLE] KDE gives me the BSOD!
On Wednesday 30 May 2001 10:39, Daniel Woodard wrote:

> Everything works, I get on and mess around, but then, a little less than
> half the time, when I logout of X, it kicks out, the screen flashes, it's
> about to return to the terminal, then, poof, a black screen of death. A lot
> of the time, it makes it back to the terminal. I quit using the KDM, and
> I've been anal about quitting all the apps, and everything real nice, you
> know, try to sneak out real calm like. No effect.

Dear Daniel,

I have the same problem on my laptop and thought it was just "because I am
using a laptop" you know graphics chips being a little bit different etc, etc.

Anyway there is a way round this - it's not pretty - but it works. When you
are in KDE and you want to shut down change to a different terminal
(Ctrl-alt-F1). Log in as root and then shutdown -h now.

The computer will shut down fine (of course you lose the kde option to
restore the desktop to its' current state) but you avoid that horrible crash.


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