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Re: [SLE] [OT] Athlon Processor
On Thursday 31 May 2001 01:36, Stuart Powell wrote:
> Wow ! I think this must be some kind of record. Which equatorial region
> are you in ? Do you have any heat sink at all right now ?

Nah, I'm in Belgium (when we have 30° outside, we're crazy :))).. And yes I
have a big fan on the CPU (my reseller worked 1 month before selling athlons
to find a solution against cpu over-heating).

I'll call him tomorrow because the temperatures you're all speaking about are
much lower than mine and it worries me (I want to work a long time with my



PS: I saw something about temperature monitoring under linux, is it possible?
I tried sensors but it says cannot open file /proc
> Just curious,
> Stuart.
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> My Athlon 1GHZ is running at 69°C and I've contacted my vendor to find a
> solution. But I would never try to do the job you explained because I would
> be afraid to break something :)))
> Anyway I have to act quickly because the coputer is running about 16 hours
> a day and when the weather is hot, the cpu gets to high temps, which is
> bad.
> Ju.

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