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Re: [SLE] Windows is such a piece of s#$&, now realy [OT]
  • From: Juergen Braukmann <juergen.braukmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 21:29:24 +0200
  • Message-id: <3B154A14.57025BB7@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Curtis Rey wrote:
> <RANT>
> Just have to spout off. I booted into W98SE to play a couple of games.
> Well, lets see,.... CounterStrike crash/locked up 6 or 7 times (like
> everytime I logged onto a server). UT and the OpenGL drivers kept reverting
> back to windowed mode, and crashed 3 times. During the 8+ reboots Norton's
> version of scandisk took over 10 minutes each time (until I got sick of it
> and bypassed it). The Icons on the desktop all started to get corrupt and
> were displaying inappropriate/random icons for whatever program happened to
> be handy (i guess -whatever, another reboot). The next guy that runs amuck
> at the mouth about what a "superior" product Microsoft puts out is gonna get
> a fat lip.

also ranting:

Sure. Windows *is* superiour to Linux! It allows normal user processes
"root" access, particulary to system files. Did you ever hear of someone
loosing the icons on a linux machine?
No! Cause it's crap! no "root" accesss for user processes! And also, no
"mounted" Icons as in superb windows. The "link to M$ Word" icon are
actually two transparent icons mounted one over the other to display the
link. Ah! what happens is that somehow the icons's meanings get mixed
up! This even works on NT4.0 that supports "file ownership". But since
file ownership (to "root" or "administrator") is crap (user processes
are not allowed to mess up things anymore) it not active for this on NT
There is a file called ShellIconCache in the c:\Windows (c:\WinNT)
folder. If you cannot see it it's because it's an unnessesarry file that
*cannot* get corrupted. Since there is virtual no file corruption
possible on Windows, this is a hidden file (and probably a registered
one as well) to make it less easy to find it, because it is so
Turn on view hidden files and turn on all extensions in Win Exploder.
Give that file a ritual linux beating (del shelliconcache) from your
preffered DoS shell (or M$ exploder) and aehmm, if installed use control
panel, tweak UI to "rebuild icon cache" from one of the tabs. That
should cure it. (don't know how it will be recreated otherwise)
I use this to get a few beers from my collegues at work, since it
happens frequently. And *exactly that* makes windows superiour to Linux.

> All I wanted to do was play a couple of games, is that so much to ask? Let's
> get serious, $100.00 dollars for a sieve of a network, overpriceed, can't run
> for more than thrree months without breaking,when a program goes down the OS
> follows, file & partition corrupting, time wasting, supposedly best thing to
> hit earth since the wheel, piece of crap OS is REDICULIOUS!!!!! I mean come
> on. At least when a program goes down on Linux the whole OS doesn't follow.
> And on those occasions when a reboot is needed in Linux the reiser fs takes
> about 5 seconds to get fixed. And you can't beat an OS like that -
> especially when it cost less than the games I CAN'T PLAY ON THE PIECE OF CRAP

here you're wrong. It's not an OS. Not at all. It is, as you name it a
pice of crap.
Best regarded, it is a sort of adventure game usually played by
masochists cause you cannot win. ;-)


;-) Guess what! I am also frustrated. Every now and then, those that
loose the game weep floods of tears into my shoulder. Stupid me,
hartbroken by their look, tries to fix baby's toy. Guess what happens
next. ;-)

Quote from the german iX magazime, january issue, editorial article:

Another survey was carried out by Symantec a year ago in the UK. The
result: Computer users loose their nerves using the PC. About 30%
physically attacked their PC at least once, 67% feel rather frustrated
working on a PC.

The "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" has this to say about treating
surperiour hardware:

[Dialogue with Eddie, the bord computer after landing on Magrathea,
retranslated back to english, cut back to the essentials]

Eddie: Hello Children
They [Zaphod, Trillian Ford and Arthur] looked startled to eachother.
Zaphod: "That Eddi, he's got a backup character for emergencies"
Eddie:"That's your first day on a new planet. Wear your warm cloth and
do not play with insect eyed monsters"
Zaphod knocked on the (to the outside) door. "We'd be better of with a
pocket calculator"
Eddie:"Who said that?!"
Zaphod:"Whould you kindly opens the door please?"
Eddie:"NO. Not until the one that said that steps for"
[... you see how it's heading on until ...]
Eddie:"Go on. Step forward. I can wait all the day"
Zaphod:"Computer, if you won't open that door immediately, I'll step
over to your main memory bank and reprogramm it, namely with a big sharp
axe, do you understand?"
Eddie said "We need to work on our relations" and opend the door.

As you see, violence against computers has it's history, even in


> </RANT>
> Just my mother f#$%ing $0.02 U.S. cents. (wheres my sniper rifle and,.oh ya -
> Redmonds west from here). Freaking Cheers :-/ Curtis
Just pray for the next satelite to drop onto it. I do. ;-)

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