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Windows is such a piece of s#$&
Just have to spout off. I booted into W98SE to play a couple of games.
Well, lets see,.... CounterStrike crash/locked up 6 or 7 times (like
everytime I logged onto a server). UT and the OpenGL drivers kept reverting
back to windowed mode, and crashed 3 times. During the 8+ reboots Norton's
version of scandisk took over 10 minutes each time (until I got sick of it
and bypassed it). The Icons on the desktop all started to get corrupt and
were displaying inappropriate/random icons for whatever program happened to
be handy (i guess -whatever, another reboot). The next guy that runs amuck
at the mouth about what a "superior" product Microsoft puts out is gonna get
a fat lip.

All I wanted to do was play a couple of games, is that so much to ask? Let's
get serious, $100.00 dollars for a sieve of a network, overpriceed, can't run
for more than thrree months without breaking,when a program goes down the OS
follows, file & partition corrupting, time wasting, supposedly best thing to
hit earth since the wheel, piece of crap OS is REDICULIOUS!!!!! I mean come
on. At least when a program goes down on Linux the whole OS doesn't follow.
And on those occasions when a reboot is needed in Linux the reiser fs takes
about 5 seconds to get fixed. And you can't beat an OS like that -
especially when it cost less than the games I CAN'T PLAY ON THE PIECE OF CRAP

Just my mother f#$%ing $0.02 U.S. cents. (wheres my sniper rifle and,.oh ya -
Redmonds west from here). Freaking Cheers :-/ Curtis

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