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Re: [SLE] Read this, then go puke.
I couldn't finish the article, I had to go puke. What a line of crap.
This is one of the better lines of FUD I've seen in a while. Remember for
FUD to be affective it must be interlaced with lots of facts - facts that are
presented with a particular slant. This is that case with this article. It
ignores a myriad of polls about customer and corporate discontent and
loathing related to the licensing agreement and the subscription angle. It
also ignores the sentiment related to IT managers that have worries about
dismantling stable systems, after years of patching and tinker, to "upgrade"
to XP and M$' other new offerings and start the "let's see how long we can
run without a crash this time" scenario. It is obvious that this writer is
playing to the misinformed and general - "I just use my computer, I don't
know what makes it work" crowd.

Cheers Curtis :-/

On Tuesday 29 May 2001 08:59 am, Fred A. Miller wrote:
> Microsoft: How It Became Stronger Than Ever

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