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Re: [SLE] Strange Screen Blanking cause, screensaver setting - bios clock is minus-10min. daily !
This could be Your BIOS battery going down.
If the slowing of the clock, only happens when the power is off, it can be
the voltage on the CMOS battery, supplying the BIOS memory and the clock,
going low. (It's possible a NiCD battery, with a lifetime for about one to
five years, depending on the off time)
Try to replace the battery. (Should fix the problem with the clock, and also
aviod loss of the BIOS data. (HD-data ++ ))


On Tuesday 29 May 2001 18:27, basslake wrote:
> Hi
> I use kppp to log on to the net, and have a line that runs to set the
> correct time ntpdate I have noticed that for the past
> few weeks, my bios clock is off by about minus 10 minutes every day. When
> dialing in to the net, I was getting Strange behavior with my console
> screen, it would blank until I move , or click the mouse. I wondered what
> was causing this, until I realized that, If I hang up, and dial in again,
> there was no screen blanking. That's when it dawned on me that it was due
> to the screensaver-blanking kicking in,and because ntpdate sets the clock
> ahead approximatly 10 minutes - screensaver is set for 5 minutes, so the
> screen goes into blanking when ntpdate is run by kppp, just after dialing
> up the first time . Of course the time stays fine until either, I shutdown,
> and reboot, or shutdown until the next day.
> Question; Is there a 'bios clock command' that I can give on the
> command-line, to sync the bios clock to stay set even after I shutdown the
> computer ?
> Thanks for Any help on this.
> John WM

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