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Re: [SLE] [OT] More info about Windows XP's new Activation scheme
On Tuesday 29 May 2001 12:05 pm, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * Damon Register (damon.w.register@xxxxxxxx) [010529 09:00]:
> ->Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> ->> Sorry I don't have the URL this came from.
> ->> >wouldn't you think? "Here at Microsoft, we have great products, but
> ->> >before you invest, you really ought to know that three out of four
> ->> >people who use our products don't actually pay for them." Shouldn't
> that ->> >information be in the company's annual report or Securities and
> Exchange ->> >Commission (SEC) filings?
> ->
> ->I have question related to this and I would like to hear a few other
> ->comments. Does this seem reasonable to you? While there are some
> ->who would pirate at almost any price, do you think that if these
> ->figures are really true, why not drastically cut the price to induce
> ->marginally honest users to actually buy software? I bet that they
> ->would get a lot more customers at a lower price with less pirating.
> I doubt it would help. People like getting things for free. It's evident
> in how many people bitch about the whole .iso thing on this list. I mean
> people still tape music cd's from friends..they still download mp3's and
> tape movies they rent from the video store. I think in some cases people
> pirate things because they can't afford them ..I know I did. I
> couldn't/wouldn't have paid $300-500 for's unreasonable to
> pay that much for an office suite.
> I think people like stuff they can get for free and as long as they
> can..they will. It's much easier to spend a dollar on a CDR then $500 on
> a cd with a tiny little book.
> Just my 0.02

Which is precisely my point from an earlier post.. once they can't get it for
free any more (ie. it becomes either totally impossible, or it's possible but
you have to be able to get a hold of an extremely rare version of the
product), people will begin to look at "free" software -- because they can
get it for "free", and they really like that :-)

I know that is one of the many reasons I chose Linux.. I don't have to worry
about anyone busting down my door and taking my computer... I'm fully legit,
and I still haven't spent more than $150-$200 on software! Where Microsoft is
concerned, you can't even get the OS for that price.

Have a great day!

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