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New user permissions (?) problems
I have recently been playing Soldier of Fortune on Linux,
and of course my son wanted to play too (the wife was out
of town...:-) ). So I set him up as a new user (all he knows
is winblows from school, so I figured he might as well try
a real OS....), but I cannot start the game when logged
in as the new user. I get an error message something like:

Could not open Display0:0
permission denied /dev/nvidiactl

I do not have this problem when logged in as myself. Any
ideas what the prob is?


P.S. I gave the computer teacher at my son's school a
couple of my older versions of SuSE - gotta follow up on
that and sow the seeds of open source...
Driving my son to school the other day we were talking
about computers & I mentioned something about the
"blue screen of death". My son looked at me w/ a surprised
expressions and said, "Hey, where did you hear that from? That's
what we say about our computers at school all the time."
I almost had to pull over, I was laughing so hard..........:-)

Cleary_Mike@xxxxxxx x6033
Overflow on /dev/null, please empty the bit bucket.

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