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Gigabit Card interface in linux

I am using a machine where 2.4 kernel has been installed, which has
10/100 Mbps network cards and gigabit cards.

I want to find out which network card interface(eth0, eth1, etc.) belongs
to what type of card(10/100Mbps or Gigabit). I am using the output of
"ifconfig" command to get all the network cards present in the system. I want
to get the type(10/100 Mbps or Gigabit) of each network card.

In Solaris, the command "ifconfig" gives output which include the card's
driver name like iprb0(for 10/100Mbps Intel cards) or e1000g(Gigabit Intel
cards). This way, I can ensure whether that card is 10/100Mbps card or Gigabit
card. I want the similar output in Linux.

As of now I tried the following ways.
1. dmesg
Specific information like which network card belongs to what type is
not available.

2. modules.conf
In the case where I have two 10/100 Mbps cards, if I create the entry
"alias eth0 eepro100" the second card is detected as eth1 without any alias
entry in this file.

3. /proc/net/PRO_LAN_Adapters/<interface name>
This directory got created when I added the driver(for both kind of
cards). There are files like "Driver_Name", "Speed" are present in this
directory. These files are supposed to have the correct entries. But for
gigabit card(which is not connected to a network), I saw the entry as "N/A" in
the file "Speed". I am not too sure whether this is the reliable place to get
the information.

Apart from this, is there any other better and consistent way or command
to find out which interface belongs to what type of card?

Thanks in Advance,

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