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Re: [SLE] Gnome 1.4 SuSE packages..still in fine form.
Funny you should mention the "short freeze" in the networking and the
problems in gaming online. Everytime someone joins the game server that I'm
currently playing at it freezes for a couple of seconds - especially
bothersome at the onset of a new map when ppl are entering. The thing that
I've noticed is that it matters not which WM I'm using. The freezes also
happen intermittantly throughout the game and more so with the more players
in the arena at the time. I have played in various WM's like twm because it
has no real overhead and the problem still exists. Maybe it has more to do
with the net protocals than with the WMs?

Cheers. Curtis Rey

On Monday 28 May 2001 04:06 pm, Vagn Bjørno Jensen wrote:
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> On 5/28/01, 3:48:52 PM, Rafael Herrera <raffo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
> regarding Re: [SLE] Gnome 1.4 SuSE packages..still in fine form.:
> > I got the whole gnome 1.4 tree sans the sources, installed through yast1
> > and it works. Have you tried getting rid of all the dot files created by
> > gnome first? I think I had some problems initially and deleted them.
> I, too, have Gnome 1.4 (with Sawfish) working to my - almost - full
> satisfaction. I
> downloaded part of it from SuSE's ftp, installed with YaST1, and
> installed the rest from ftp with YaST1. I didn't install Nautilus,
> though, I seemed to remember something negative about it.
> What I need and use is the gdm with X -query from my two X-Terminals and
> some of the applets, and a few of the Gnome programs.
> The only thing I have problems with is some network glitches, resulting
> in a short freeze of the terminals with intervals - annoying in daily
> work, disastrous when plying games :-\
> This is not necessarily a problem with gdm, could as well be a network
> configuration problem, I haven't investigated it properly yet.
> One thing I tried, though: using kdm and KDE2 instead (I was really a bit
> impressed by KDE2), but only for about five hours - all memory (320MB)
> and swap (256 MB) was filled up, GUI froze, and I had to ctrl-alt-bs.
> During the last couple of hours I noticed how memory was leaking, stopped
> using the machines, but the leaking continued.
> > I agree with you, I wish suse spent more time building gnome packages or
> > worked more closely with ximian.
> > ...
> So do I, and I'm considering a change to a distribution that is 'born
> with' Gnome, as is SuSE with KDE. It would be mournfull, though, to leave
> SuSE after all those days with this distro from 5.0 more than three years
> ago, and up till 7.1 today. Anyway, when SuSE skips YaST1, I think I will
> leave anyway, I like a non-GUI administration tool.
> Regards
> Vagn Bjørno Jensen
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