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Re: [SLE] NVidia X Video Mode problem - "EDID" problem...
Add this to the Secton "Device" in the XF86Config

Option "ignoreEDID" "1"

This is because when the monitor is probed for it's capablilities the video
care drivers/kernel doesn't recognize it. I had the same problem and this
solved it immediately. When you add the line and save the config file, just
login in again via the gui. I my case the second I logged out of the gui and
the graphical login mgr came up is was in 1024x768 mode. Give it a try and
if you need furtther help give a hollar :)

HTH Curtis Rey

On Monday 28 May 2001 02:20 pm, Riever wrote:
> Extract from /var/log/XFree86.0.log :
> =============================
> (WW) NVIDIA(0): Mode "1024x768" has resolution 1024 x 768 which is larger
> than (WW) NVIDIA(0): the EDID prescribed maximum of 800 x 600; mode
> "1024x768" (WW) NVIDIA(0): discarded
> What is "EDID" and how do I 'unset' this maximum mode restriction that has
> been set? I searched the SuSe KB and there is now EDID keyword, it offered
> me EIDE instead *grins*
> I am using SuSe 7.1pro with XF4 and the latest NVidia driver package. I
> installed and then configured with SAX2 from a vanilla console after
> running to init3 and the video modes are all fine in the config file. The
> original NVidia drivers from the distro DVD worked in 1024 so I can only
> assume that it is somehow related to the installation of these new drivers.
> If anyone knows how to get round this "EDID" problem, assuming that it is
> possible to do so, please tell me what to do.
> Thanks,
> Connor..

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