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Re: [SLE] Gnome 1.4 SuSE packages..still in fine form.
I wasn't blasting Gnome per se, I was voicing my dislike of my experience.
I don't begrudge anyone using the WM they like. What kills me is that If a
distributors is making an update available I would hope that it would improve
my "computing experience" rather than make this newbies life a headache. I
am extremely fond of my new SuSE Linux OS, I just wish I didn't have to
learn the hard way that their Gnome packages would wreak my fs. I was
checking the Gnome foundation, Ximian, and Eazel site a few times a week, but
nothing for SuSE 7.1. Then SuSE had 1.4 on the ftp server and I though it
would be a safe bet to use SuSE's port of the Gnome 1.4, I was wrong.

That's what I meant by "now I avoid it". I don't know any programming
languages and I'm not experienced enough to be able to resurrect my OS when
something like I experienced happened.

On Monday 28 May 2001 12:08 am, Jonathan Drews wrote:
> Hi:
> Before we blast GNOME for it's supposed shortcomings, it should be
> pointed out that the KDE rpms at SuSE's LinuKS site are not up to
> date either. They too produce problems. Perhaps the packagers are
> having terrific difficulty making the RPM's. In any event I do not
> think it is a GNOME problem exclusively. I also have a suspicion that
> the nVIDIA drivers, whether they be nv or from nVIDIA, play a role in
> these problems. Just my $0.02.
> On Monday 28 May 2001 00:01, you wrote:
> > Ya, that's what turned my user directory into a file and hosed my
> > dcop server. I install 1.4 and Nautilus setup and took over - and
> > I mean took over. After that I had a case of creeping corruption.
> > One by one directory, files, and services started to become
> > corrupt. I had to re-install the OS because it became apparent
> > that it was only a matter of time until the whole fs would go into
> > the sh#ter. Frankly, I was never a huge fan of Gnome, now I avoid
> > it.
> >
> > Just my 2 U.S. cents
> > Curtis
> >
> > On Sunday 27 May 2001 11:34 pm, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> > > /rant
> > >
> > > I just tried to use the gnome 1.4 packages from the SuSE ftp
> > > site....opinion..just as crappy as usual.
> > >
> > > Anyone got this to work right..mine just keeps telling me the
> > > Desktop pager applet has died and then the whole desktop
> > > shit..blinks. Nautilus won't complete it's setup and
> > > after a while of this blinking the whole thing dies and goes back
> > > to the prompt. Nice. Very nice.
> > >
> > > /end rant

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