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Re: [SLE] Kicker problems
On Saturday 26 May 2001 15:10, Anders Johansson wrote:
> This is what appears in my kickerrc when I add the xmms applet
> [Applet_5]
> ConfigFile=xmmskde_y5b1w3q6zhbyutee9wg_rc
> DesktopFile=xmms-kde.desktop
> FreeSpace=1
> WidthForHeightHint=72
> It is very strange that your rc-file doesn't contain a reference to it. Are
> you sure you're looking at the correct file? ~/.kde2/share/config/kickerrc
> on my installation
> One thing I discovered: right-clicking *in* the applet only starts up xmms
> here. I have to click just on the edge of the applet, and then it's very
> easy to miss and click on the applet next to it instead. Could it be that
> when you 'remove'd xmms you accidentally removed systray instead?

Nope... I thought about that too. I moved the XMMS applet around on the
taskbar... it wasn't even near the systray the 2nd (and 3rd and 4th etc) time
I did this.

Dunno what is going on. I have finally got rid of the XMMS applet, but not
the way I wanted to. I copied the SuSE default kickerrc from
/opt/kde2/share/config/SuSE/config to ~/.kde2/share/config - this was the
easy way out. I did not learn why the silly thing would not go away, or why
it didn't show up in my kickerrc file.

After copying the default kickerrc, I loaded the XMMS applet again. I am
able to remove it, but it generates a signal 11 crash in the appletproxy each
time. Other applets start and remove without errors.

Lesson learned... don't use the XMMS applet on my KDE2.1.1 install I guess.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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