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Re: [SLE] Kicker problems
On Saturday 26 May 2001 11:57, dieter wrote:
> A `ps aux` gave me the following
> appletproxy --configfile xmmskde_1uvuxboktcxrxsoh7hl_rc --callbackid
> ExternalAppletContainer_135620016 xmms-kde.desktop
> I just killed its pid and the thing disappeared. I don't know if this ugly
> solution helps for when you login again.
> > One of the apps I can load is XMMS (X Multimedia System - a media
> > player). Nice, but not necessary so I tried to remove it. Problem is,
> > when I right click on it and say Remove, it doesn't go away. Instead,
> > the System Tray disappears.
> >
> > I can kill Kicker, and restart it, but the System Tray does not reload.
> > XMMS is still hanging around. If I logout/login the System Tray
> > reappears, and XMMS is still there. XMMS is not checked in the list of
> > active applets in the config menu either. I can't find any reference to
> > XMMS in kickerrc or anything it refereces either.

Hmmmm not in the ps output at all. If I start XMMS by clicking on the XMMS
applet in the Task Bar, it shows up in ps -e and ps aux. I can kill the
process and the application closes, but the applet stays there.

I can start a second XMMS as a Kicker applet and it behaves normally. The
appletproxy process shows up exactly like above. I can exit it by right
clicking and selecting Remove (or by killing the process). The original XMMS
still hangs around and refuses to leave.

I have tried a logout/login, full reboot (on the off chance this would help)
and searched for a config file for Kicker. All I come up with is kickerrc
and it is clean - no references to XMMS.

I have searched at but came up with nothing. So the problem is still
there, and no solution in sight.


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