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Re: [SLE] Further Tales of Horror!
Tor has a point about the users. If I threw Linux at my mom I'd end up
creating a die hard windows advocate. However, in my case I was trained in
the sciences and therefore I was taught to be extremely analytical and how to
find my own sources of info. I have to admit that I debated trying Linux for
about a year because I was intimidated. Now that I have had some experience
with the OS I have become pretty comfortable with it. Also, I have learned so
much more about computing using Linux when compared to what I've learned
using M$ products. The bottom line for the users is to use what is
productive and gets you to accomplish what you need. If your just checking
email and a little word processing then either systems will do. But if your
a novice and want to install a lot of 3rd party software without having to
know about "/configure, make, make-install then Linux is not for you. I do
believe that giving the rate of development that LInux will become a viable
desktop system. But for the present I think that the focus the Linux
community is putting on high-end servers and commerce developments is the
right route to go.

On a more genuflex side of things I am extremely happy with the SuSE because
A) from my limited experience it has been both stable and usable, and B) the
Linux mailing list is the most useful resource I have found to date. Even
the MadLUG (Madison users grp) that's run by the IT/Comp sci department at
the University of Wisconsin-Madison hasn't been as helpful as this mailing

Just a thought or two. Curtis :)

On Friday 25 May 2001 05:46 pm, matthew johnson wrote:
> Another thing I hate hearing (this line is especially aimed at SuSE by
> those annoying "I know it all" trolls that appear from time to time) is
> the line,"All these gui tools take away the task of the real admin and
> stop the newbie from learning". These is the other extreme. Gui's if they
> work make sys admin work a lot faster...And newbies can learn the general
> idea of what is needed/going on by the questions that it asks....
> Matt
> On Fri, 25 May 2001, Tor Sigurdsson wrote:
> > Þann föstudagur 25 maí 2001 22:02 skrifaðir þú:
> > > From Tor Sigurdsson to Curtis Rey and suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx about Re:
> >
> > [SLE]...:
> > > > All in all, despite all horror stories, a truly competent NT system
> > > > administrator can with a minimum amount of headache set up a NT
> > > > server in such a way that the BSOD and frantic reboots are virtually
> > > > unknown.
> > > >
> > > > In the same way can an incompetent linux/bsd administrator set up a
> > > > server that requires total attention all of the time.
> > > >
> > > > The most important factors that should be looked at when putting
> > > > together a mision critical system should always be the availability
> > > > of competence and TCO, and as any other thing in this world, this
> > > > coin has two sides as well.
> > > >
> > > > If competence is scarce on one platform, but in-house for the other,
> > > > it will most likely be cheaper for the corporation to install the
> > > > platform they know, despite high starting cost, in contrary to
> > > > perhaps recruiting and training new staff.
> > >
> > > That's all very possible but if there's a bug in linux/BSD-software at
> > > least you know it will be fixed and it will be fixed soon. With
> > > Microsoft software you never know if they're gonna say ``That's a known
> > > bug, we'll fix it in a future release.'' A future release you'll have
> > > to pay for, again. Or install some servicepack and reboot once more.
> >
> > Very true, but patching *NIX on a mission-critical server is not the task
> > you'd throw at a typical windows point-and-click administrator more than
> > maybe twice, so there we are back at the TCO again...
> >
> > As much as I hate to give in on the anti-microsoft front, there simply
> > are certain circumstances where linux is not a rational choice, be it
> > deployment-wise or company-wise.
> >
> > As I see it, the same thing is happening in operating systems as happened
> > in hardware a decade ago, when the world decided not to go with the S-100
> > bus, but instead to choose the ( much inferior in fact :) IBM PC. This
> > transfer WILL take place, but not by yelling how bad Microsoft must be or
> > by pointing left and right at faults in their software. The transfer will
> > take place by writing good software, and by making that good software
> > available and VISIBLE to the world.
> >
> > Remember - every harsh work ABOUT Microsoft is another advertisment FOR
> > their existance, and thus in their favour.
> >
> > > > All in all, this anti-microsoft pro-anythingelse fight has led to
> > > > what may seem to become a large-scale war between Microsoft on one
> > > > side, and unhappy windows users on the other. Probably not wat was
> > > > intended, as the "normal" user ends up being the casualty....
> > >
> > > In what way has fighting against the Microsoft monopoly led to normal
> > > users being casualties?
> >
> > It leads to uncertainty, confusion, and frustration. I have seen many
> > examples of this, and the storm usually doesn't clear until the user has
> > become advanced enough to make a sound choice based on his/hers own
> > knowledge of the choices available.
> >
> > -tosi
> >
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