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RE: [SLE] How many people here play Linux games? And which ones?
I got some from Loki, but most I bought at a store called
Electronics Boutique (U.S.). They don't carry too many,
and they're usually gone pretty quick! But at least they
seem to be very consistent about carrying them anyway.

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I had no idea all these games were available under Linux! I only have
Quake + the missions. I found that in a bargin bin for a couple of $$.
The store owner told me he got it in after hearing that so many people had
started using Linux...and no one was interested. He swore he would never
make the same mistake again.

Do you get all the Linux games from Loki or is there another source?


On Fri, 25 May 2001, Matthew wrote:

> Hey,
> Just wondering how many on this list actualy play games on their
> Linux boxes? If, so which ones?
> I have:
> Jagged Alliance 2
> Soldier of Fortune
> Descent 3
> Heavy Gear 2
> Intend to get:
> NeverWinter nights
> Anarchy-online, if they release a Linux version
> ShadowBane for the same reasons above.
> Kohan
> Rune
> And whatever lse may come along that is interesting.
> Matt

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