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Re: [SLE] rescue system and reiser
  • From: "Purple Shirt" <purpleshirt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 13:08:53
  • Message-id: <F12371mrvoGdKO8FNpy00004a66@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I been using reiser since 6.4 and I am liking it despite my recent troubles of no recovery option. I wish SuSE would go the extra step and default to reiser and 2.4 and quit messing with backward support to 2.2. I think this is what causes the troubles. If you put 2.4 big on your commercial box set it looks like its the default but now it shows its just a option you should chose if you willing to sacrifice rescue abilities and love living in danger.

I am not liking the fact that a distro ships with two distinct kernels. It just asks for these troubles (boot and filesystems problems)

A better method would have probably been to ship 2.2 until 2.4.6 was reached and then make the big jump to 2.4 only.


From: Mark Hounschell <markh@xxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: markh@xxxxxxxxxx
To: "suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx" <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [SLE] rescue system and reiser
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 07:43:58 -0400

Philipp Thomas wrote:
> * Mark Hounschell [Sun, 20 May 2001 16:41:53 -0400]:
> >Rafael Herrera wrote:
> >Exactly. There should be this option in THE RESCUE system. I can't
> >believe it.
> No there shouldn't! And there can't. 7.1 is based on kernel 2.2.X, even
> though we offer 2.4.0 as an alternative. And 2.2.0 uses reiserfs 3.5.X,
> which can't read 3.6.X format. That's why the mkreiserfs from 7.1
> creates v1 file systems and even the mkreiserfs in 7.2 will by default
> create v1 ones, though it offers a command line switch for choosing the
> fs version. The reason is to ease things for people who want to have the
> option to switch back to 2.2.X.
> For your wish to work, we would have had to offer two different rescue
> disks and there simply is not enough space to do that.
> And before you mention it, I do know what I'm talking about because I've
> been bitten by that myself, having switched to reiserfs back in 2.3.X
> times. Even a normal upgrade wasn't possible because the kernel from the
> install system couldn't read my reiserfs partitions.
> Wait a bit and buy 7.2 ;-) 7.2 is based on kernel 2.4.X, so the reiserfs
> module (it's now a module to reduce the kernel size) is 3.6.
I realize this but it would have been nice to have the option. Ok too
much space.
Back on 6.4 I wanted reiser but wouldn't use it because the rescue
system didn't
support it at all. Even though SuSE basically had BLESSED it. Now at 7.1
I figured
it was really ready and there. I was mistaken and bitten in the A for it
I will be purchasing 7.2 when it arrives. In the mean time I've gone
back to
ext2 on this particular filesystem. I needed LFS support which I beleive
is not
supported in reiser v1. I just hate to use ext2 for a 45 gb partition.
where I keep my tarball backups instead of using a tape drive. It's just
to be able to backups/restores with an isolated system such as the
rescue system.


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