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Re: [SLE] Comments on NVidia Quadro-2 video cards.
My best guess is to go with the Matrox. There are plenty of HOWTO's to tell
you how to setup dual display Xinerama. Also, on the nVidia site under the
Linux drivers page theres a link to how to setup the nvidia drivers (just to
let you know) and they do show how to edit XF86Config to setup dual display.
As far as the troubles with the nvidia drivers are concerned. I solved those
with a) removing a line from the XF86Config, namely Option "Accel" "On" was
removed, b) I ran the x11pref program an ever since my graphics run great.
The color and desktop are vivid, full, fast, and the text looks very nice. I
understand about you graphics need related to productivity and work. I just
mentioned the NV card because It is a very nice 2D/3D card at a very nice
price. The Matrox is also a very superior card and will most likely meet you
needs quite nicely. As far as dual head is concerned with support - your
guess is as good as mine related to Matrox. With nVidia, it's all dependent
on the manufacturer you buy it from.

On Thursday 24 May 2001 12:54 am, Rafael Herrera wrote:
> The vendor doesn't care what we will use it for. I said we will use it
> for computational purposes. These cards get hyped for running 3D
> graphics, which means games. We won't be using it for playing games, so
> I care for Linux support for 2D and dual head. Also, does the driver
> work well in dual processor systems? (Yes, maybe when enlightenement .17
> comes out I'll be interested in its 3D support.)
> Recent discussions here mentioned people having problems with the card,
> what's the current status? comments from people actually using this kind
> of card will be appreciated.
> PS. NVidia web site mentions problems/issues with OpenGL + Xinerama
> (don't work together, same as Matrox) and OPenGL + SMP (I don't think
> the Matrox G450 has problems in this area.)
> Thanks for the comments.

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