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Re: [SLE] Comments on NVidia Quadro-2 video cards.
For crying out load. The GeForce2-MX is made for dual head. The single
monitor GF2-MX I bought for $100.00 U.S (and I easily get 40-50 fps in Unreal
Tournament). I believe you can get a dual head model for about $150.00 U.S.
Cardex makes one that was rated "most bang for the buck" by PC mag and a few
others. Sounds like maybe the guy that's trying to sell you the Quadro pro
is trying to get the most bang from your bucks. If you don't need top end
developer graphics capability then go for a Matrox dual head or the
GeForce2-MX dual head. And they do games and 3D just fine - Unless your
doing 3D CAD design for Mercedes Benz engineering department. Be careful and
keep that guy on a short leash.

HTH Curtis Rey

On Wednesday 23 May 2001 08:33 pm, Matthew wrote:
> Which vendor can suggest those? Only for computational work? Quadro pro
> 2 is like the top end, which is used for graphic workstations, and yes
> the drooling Tribes 2 mass too.
> For Dual Monitor maybe a Matrox G450? These run a lot cheaper than those
> highest end Geforce cards.
> These are my own opinions, to give you something else to look for.
> Matt
> PS does the vendor know Linux?
> Rafael Herrera wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > We are getting a new computer and the vendor is suggesting an NVidia
> > Quadro-2 Pro 3D graphics card (dual monitor) or an NVidia Quadro-2 MXR
> > entry level 3D graphics (dual monitor). From seeing recent posts
> > regarding problems with the card I'd like some opinions on how well the
> > card is supported.
> >
> > I care about its support for dual monitor funtionality and SMP support.
> > I care less for 3D or glx support, since this machine is for
> > computationl work, we will not be playing tribes 2 on it.
> >
> > Thanks.

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