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Adaptec 2100S on SUSE 7.0
  • From: "Joaquim Homrighausen" <joho@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 12:00:15 +0200
  • Message-id: <20010523091249.5650ADF935@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


Attempting to install SUSE 7.0 in a machine with 128MB of RAM,
a PIII-800/133, an ABit BX133RAID motherboard, and an Adaptec
2100S RAID controller. A DFE-500TX (Rev E1) is the current LAN


I am booting from CD-2. Everything comes up OK. I choose to
autoload modules, it loads the Tulip network driver. Then I
insert the MODULES disk I downloaded from SUSE.COM with the
updated DPT/Adaptec RAID module and choose "Load SCSI module"
(or whatever the choice is). It reads the module disk, I
choose the appropriate adapter and after a while, it has
reset the adapter and read the hardware resource table.

Now I insert CD-1, choose to Start Installation, select CD-ROM
as the source media. It mounts the CD and reads the install
image onto the RAM disk. And then it stops. No error message,
nothing. It just throws me back to the menu.

If I do not load the DPT driver from the updated modules disk,
the installation continues instead of stopping and allows me
to choose YAST1/YAST2.

I know Adaptec hardware is finicky at best and do some rather
odd stuff, but I am beginning to suspect that the driver is
doing something very weird with the machine after it has been

I have tried reverting to the older modules disk, with the
older DPT driver, but there's no difference.


.. Joaquim ..

:: Who dares wins ::

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