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Re: [SLE] My Compliments to SuSE and KDE Development Teams
And all this scares the sh%$ out of those guys from Redmond - as well it
should. Now to just get the software and hardware vendors on the same page.
Being patient is not my strong suit, but what's a guy to do. I wonder what
Linux is going to look like in two years. At the present rate I'd have to
say pretty nice. :)

Cheers. Curtis Rey

On Tuesday 22 May 2001 09:45 pm, Internet Niue wrote:
> I agree!!
> I am running SuSE 7.1 on an office network with W2K mixes.
> For the first time, here's a version of linux that you can
> install out of the box in under an hour and be doing work.
> And that I think is the whole banana.
> I am not a linux guy, but after loading this, and seeing
> that I could print to my W2K print server, exchange files
> with any of the Windows boxes, and be typing documents and
> spreadsheets that used to be in Office 2000, in under an
> hour, I was sold. I have not logged in to a MS box in two
> weeks!!! Sorry Bill, I'm liking this too much.
> I have however, logged into an NT 4.0 OS running under SuSE
> with VMware, and NT runs better that way than it does in a
> real machine!! Too cool. So OK, I won't throw it away, but
> I also won't run it on anything other than Linux from here
> on out.
> And for under $100 I got the pro edition with what I think
> is a nice set of USER manuals, and something close to 2000
> programs. That's the most bang for the buck I've seen in
> this industry yet.
> But as I say, the main thing is that I need my machines to
> work for me. Not the other way around, and in under an hour
> after opening the box full of CDs I was working. In under a
> week, I forgot about MS.
> I also would have to say big giant thank you to the SuSE
> KDE team.

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