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Re: [SLE] Editor's Note: RIP: Linux on the Desktop

On Tuesday 22 May 2001 10:41 pm, Timothy R.Butler wrote:
> Hey Curtis
> > Ok, who's padding this guys account? 3 guesses and the first 2 don't
> > count. I say shoot the M$ infiltrators and burn their corpse on the lawns
> <g> Maybe that would work...
> > in Redmond. He isn't by any chance related to David Coursey is he?
> What, has the guy who will never fully replace Jesse Berst (IMO), been
> saying the same thing?

David puts out the same type of FUD - that Linux is never going to mature and
it will never be a desktop pc like M$. They both share a similar style of
subversion and induedo. The Linux editor is doing no service to the
community by equating the desktop Linux with Eazel. Frankly, If he put his
money on Gnome as the killer app for Linux it makes me think the only other
gui he's used is twm or olwn, etc. KDE is just a lot smoother in my opinion
and I was never really impressed with the look, fell, or functionality of
Gnome. This is what happens when a faction of a movement take the old line
standard of hype - I'm talking about Gnome and their corporate backers.
Boards room jockies only know about product marketing and the ledger -
necessary evils. But they should not get to involved on the raw devolpment
end of things - they tend to screw it up.
Eazel tried to put on a marketable face but they had know idea what that was
about. This is why I think SuSE put so much into the KDE side of things - it
was just practicle and more stable. I agree about Ximian taking the next
dive. Didn't anyone pay attention to the market over the last 18 months - no
business model, no go period. Just riding on borrowed time, or money in this
case. This is why it is essential for people to understand the difference
between "the free software" movement versus the "open source" movement.
open source will always be around. It's just if someone wants to make money
at it they've got to have a clear understanding about it. To date, IBM,
RedHat, SuSe, and Vmlinux seem to have a solid plan. that doesn't ensure
success for all, but once Linux is accepted as viable it will have a life of
its own. Regardless of what anyone says. So endeth the diatribe.
> > Don't tell the guys at,, Ximian, or Gnome - I
> > wouldn't want to be responsible for a rash of mass suicides. Give me a
> > break PLEASE!!!
> I agree fully. Personally, I'm putting my bets on seing Ximian sink in
> the near future too (it doesn't have a business model - unlike theKompany -
> as far as I can tell), but that will still leave the free software projects
> doing all the hard work they have been for years...
> > 'splain dis to me Lucy!
> I can't think a no 'splain'in I can do for dis one. Maybe Lucy did some
> of her "singing" for a little to long in the office of LinuxPlanet?
> -Tim
Cheers, Curtis

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