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Re: [SLE] What is rsync and why is it useful?
Install the package and man rsync......Rsync is usefull to make Web sites up
to dat from a source and FTP's too......


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Subject: Re: [SLE] What is rsync and why is it useful?

> Andrew Smith wrote:
> > rsync is a protocol whis is specially for downloading large files.
> > downloading a huge 600MB ISO image. But, 75% through, there is some
noise on
> > your phone line causing corrupted data. You don't know this however, and
> > when the download finally finishes, you pull you hair out as the CD you
> > just burnt doesn't work properly. BUT, rsync can look through the large
> > file, find the area which is damaged, and replaced it with the correct
> >
> > I used it recently to recover form a data transfer error when
> > 'e-smith' - simply downloading the corrupted segments was over 2000
> > (possibly 20000 times, can't quire remember) faster than having to
> > the whole thing all over again.
> >
> > rsync will only work with a server set up to support it (not just say
> > FTP or HTTP server).
> >
> > I hope this helps
> So that's an example of why it's useful. But what does it take to make
> available, and what are its command-line parameters? I can't find any
> information about it in my SuSE 7.1 system.
> Paul
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