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Re: [SLE] FYI: zdnet article - Linux's prospects on server looking better
Ya, go figure. The last years or so showed what idiots the VC's can be. They
didn't invest in companies that made sense, just in companies they thought
the would make a killing off of The 2 rules of Wall Street - Greed and Fear.

Now that the last of the bad companies are falling out the VC's are so gun
shy the won't invest in anything. Eazel is a good example of the old-school
mentality of the corporate world. Most of the time when it comes to IT and
computers they just don't get it - and aren't really sure what's good. For
pete's sake - they didn't even know a good business model from a bad one,
where the net and IT-ecommerce was concened. I just don't understand where
they thought it took 11mil to make a file manager. And Eazel had a storage
service that they gave away - how much did it cost to keep those up and
running with no income/profit? I'm sorry. I'm an R.N. and work in the
medical sciences. The emphasis is "Science', wherein unsubstantiated
speculation kills. Oh well, it's their money. But all the hype and then
failing made such bad press.

Just my $0.02. Curtis Rey

On Tuesday 22 May 2001 10:00 am, Steven Hatfield wrote:
> They could have saved themselves $11,000,000 and just gone with Konqueror,
> added their "services" as a plugin, and been done with it. I can't believe
> they got all that money just to make a FILE MANAGER! I guess having
> "ex-mac-idiot" after your name really makes an impression with the VC's,
> eh?
> -Steven
> On Monday 21 May 2001 11:40 pm, Curtis Rey wrote:
> > Ya, I wasn't very impressed with the nautilus or Eazel Gnome version.
> > In fact after I installed and actived Nautilus my mcop server got hosed
> > and my user directory turned into a file. Many on the list tried to help
> > but it stumped all. had to re-install OS becuase one by one files were
> > getting corrupted.
> >
> > On Monday 21 May 2001 10:30 pm, Matthew wrote:
> > > Read that earlier, I cannot believe the storm that the closure of Eazel
> > > is producing, but this may well distract away from where real progress
> > > is being made. All Eazel was making was a file manager, for me
> > > personnaly Konquerer ws far ahead of them.
> > >
> > > Matt
> > >
> > > Curtis Rey wrote:
> > > > Something of possible interest to the SuSe list and others.
> > > >
> > > >,11011,2762140,00.html
> > > >
> > > > Mind you that zdnet is a M$ partner along with Cnet. I have found
> > > > that regardless of how positive their articles may seem, there is
> > > > always a subtle amount of FUD and bias.

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