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Re: [SLE] UT fails to start
Check to make sure that "all" the files in the UT directories have read
permissions. I just intalled the patch/bonus-pack and all those files had to
be given "read" permisisons before the user UT interface would see them.
Try that and also see the "README" about setting up the pointers for the
right "" files, and make sure that you take a look at the SuSE
help/sdb pages about X-servers (if your using an nVidia card this is
espespecially importtant". And finally, the particular files might have
gotten corrupted and a re-install might be needed.

HTH Cheers. Curtis Rey

On Thursday 19 April 2001 19:49, Phantasm wrote:
> Hello,
> With all this talk of UT, I decided to give it a run and install it.
> Everything appears to install fine, but when I run it I get this error
> message.
> phantasm@office:~ > ut
> Creating preferences directory...
> Creating directory /home/phantasm/.loki/ut/
> Creating directory /home/phantasm/.loki/ut/System
> Unreal engine initialized
> Bound to
> Joystick [0] : Unknown Joystick
> SDLClient initialized.
> Bound to
> Lighting subsystem initialized
> Rendering initialized
> LoadMap: Entry
> Failed to load 'Entry': Can't find file 'Entry'
> Failed to load 'Level None.MyLevel': Can't find file 'Entry'
> appError called:
> Failed to enter Entry: Can't find file 'Entry'
> Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
> Executing USDLClient::ShutdownAfterError
> Signal: SIGIOT [iot trap]
> Aborting.
> Exiting.
> Name subsystem shut down
> Now when I check the /usr/local/games/ut/Maps directory
> exists so what could I be missing?
> Thanks in advance!
> ~Robert K Davies

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