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Re: [SLE] Electronic bill payments with Linux?
  • From: James "Jim" Hatridge <hatridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 19:09:09 +0200
  • Message-id: <01051819090901.00757@Tenn>

HI Guy et al...

On Friday 18 May 2001 14:54, Guy Van Sanden wrote:
> I'm indeed taking my business elsewhere... to the one bank I could
> find that TOLERATES Linux.
> No support, no guarantees, but they say that it's known to work with
> Linux and Netscape 4.76... (not any other browser).
> But if it doesn't... you're on your own.
> And that's the general situation in Belgium. I can't even use the
> most of the sites like yellow pages, or governement sites (these are
> the worst, not only do you have to use MSIE but often, you also need
> Word 97< to view any documents).
> I said this once before, my county is M$-owned...

Here in Germany I use PostBank ( It seems to me that
if you pay everything by Euro you should be able to use a German Bank just as
easy as one in Belgium. It costs about 8 DM (ca 4 eur) per month. Or if you
have an income of over 2000 DM (ca 1000 eur) per month it's free. All
transfers are free etc. Of course the web site is in German only.

Hope this helps...

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