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Re: [SLE] Electronic bill payments with Linux?
On Friday 18 May 2001 02:23 pm, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> Well, I was more or less talking about support. I think that if the
> server queries the browser for ssl and not "Hey what kind of bug ridden
> version of IE are you? OH! your Netscape..well, ok..we'll let you
> in..but don't make a habit of this!" types of attitudes. It's crap.
> Konqi is 10X the browser netscape's just the code on the server
> side doesn't give a crap about it. Man, I remember when it didn't matter
> what bloody browser you used as long as it did what was required by the
> flash..ssl..frames..whatever. I say no to .NyET and it's
> crap. We need to get rid of these lazy web developers who just want to
> make pretty pictures and lots of cash.
> * Paul Abrahams (abrahams@xxxxxxx) [010518 09:26]:
> ->I have a bank account with First Internet Bank of Indiana
> ( that ->offers bill-paying service and is accessible
> through any web browser. They ->aren't the only ones in the business,
> either. I have no trouble accessing First ->Internet Bank through
> Netscape under Linux.
> ->
> ->In general, you need to think about the relationship of your bill-paying
> service ->to the bank that you ordinarily use. Many banks now offer both
> Internet access ->and bill-paying. In fact, as far as I know, all
> bill-paying services are tied to ->a bank account in one way or another.
> ->
> ->Paul
> ->
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