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ip traffic counting & ram error (?)
hi all,

i have a problem that i must solve quickly :
how can i count the outgoing ip traffic of a machine in a network ?
we have a linux webserver there, a linux mail server, and today
there is a new server running on nt (its my friends machine)
how can i log the outgoing traffic of this nt server from one of the linux machines ?
and only the outgoing (i.e. not the traffic in the internal network.......)
is there a tool available that can do this ?

second thing, today i upgraded the web server to 512 mb ram (256 before)
but when it comes to use the memory above 256 mb the machine freezes immediatly.....
the ram itself is ok (tested this by swapping the modules....)
mainboard is a american-supermicro P6DGS/DBS with only one cpu (from two possible)
linux is suse 6.4 (with no smp compiled in, because only one cpu is there.....)
old ram is 2x128 meg pc-100, new one is 1x256 meg pc-133.
filesystem is ext2 on a software raid-5 with 3 disks on the builtin dual adaptec controller (wide scsi)
what could this be ??
is there any special config option to the kernel-compilation ??

thanks in advance,


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