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Newbie Question
I am new to Linux and really don't have a clue and if someone has a moment
could you please tell me what is causing the error's below and how to fix
them. I have looked in the manual and also in the archives but couldn't find
an answer.

My system has:

MB : Yesue p3 v4x
CPU: Intel 800mz
Mem: 256meg
Video: ATI expert 2000
HD: IBM 60 gig - 1. Partition 20 gig win98; 2. 20 gig extended; 3. 20 gig
Linux 7.1 pro
CD-ROM: Mitsumi 48
CDR.: HP 10x4x32

A little more info.
I have 2 systems that are connected through lynksys
cards and a hub. Box 1 is MS. Box 2 is as above. I also have a Belkin Omni
4 port switch that I use to switch between Boxes
These are the errors that seem to have crept up on me recently. It
started on may 10th. I haven't made any changes that I'm aware of.

May 14 14:35:29 linux kernel: [drm:r128_do_wait_for_fifo]
*ERROR*r128_do_wait_for_fifo failed!
May 14 14:35:29 Linux kernel: [drm:r128_do_wait_for_fifo]
*ERROR*r128_do_idle_for_fifo failed!
May 14 14:35:51 linux last message repeated 5 times

This is really making the warn file build up fast. I did reseat the video
card and connect the monitor, keyboard, and mouse directly to the box but
the problem still is there. Also all the files for 7.1 have been updated
using yast except the kernel. Anyone have a clue.?

Thank you in advance


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