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Re: [SLE] Free Beer vs. Free Speech [was] 7.1 ISO
  • From: Samy Elashmawy <samelash@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 19:12:56 -0400
  • Message-id: <>
4/ you bring your own box , install it , take your boxed cd set back with
you.Client wants it , you ship them a boxed set.

At 12:50 AM 5/12/2001 -0400, dizzy73 wrote:
>dude, you are hokey.... (I intentionally kept it two 2 syllables for you)
>Ill even give you a definition
>If you're the BIG consultant going after the BIG contracts.... I would
think you
>could do it in a much more professional manner.
>1) YOU buy the cds for your client or
>2) YOU burn the cds for your client or
>3) YOU bring in a FRIKIN machine that’s set up for THE CLIENTS NEEDS!!!
>You have heard of "the cost of doing business" haven’t you???
>YOU.... are the frikin consultant what the hell do you think that means? It
>means your client doesn’t have a clue and is trusting someone
>(you) to implement a SOLUTION!
>Consultants (professionals) don’t haggle over such a trivial cost as a
Linux os.
>If you had credibility with your client (and could demonstrate
>it) they would pay the market cost + for your services. As long as your
>around with downloading evaluation versions ... your
>Credibility with any professionals, I assure you, will remain *hokey*
>Consultants provide a level of confidence and *previous* experience, they
>flounder around with evaluation versions
>Good luck in your new career
>NOC wrote:
>> Yes I have the 7.0 CD's.... Do you know how tax laws work? I am
>> incorporated (I know its a big word with multiple syllables, but its not
>> that hard). I have to keep my personal assets separate from my
business. I
>> can't even have game CD's in my home office and still claim the room on my
>> taxes. Maybe you should have been a business major....
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