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Re: [SLE] Unreal Tournament @ Voodoo3
Hi ben, I was referring to Unreal, not UT and I hope that's What Butterman
was talking about also. Doesn't make much sense to writie an install program
for UT, the one from Loki works fine.

On Tuesday 15 May 2001 16:22, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * Curtis Rey (crrey@xxxxxxxx) [010515 14:15]:
> ->Go Butterman. I'd love to load Unreal onto my Linux OS, UT was no sweat
> to ->install. The only way to run Unreal that I know of now is to use Wine
> - and ->the setup is no fun.
> ->
> ->Good luck and let me know how its going. Curtis Rey
> ->
> The UT installer that Loki has is a native UT engine and all the files
> needed to run the game. When you run the installer it will ask you to
> put in CD1 of the Windows version so it can copy off maps, textures and
> other such things. No binaries from the Win CD are installed. It works
> pretty well.
> I set it up and played it a while ago..but got bored of it. I'm waiting
> for Tribes2.. ;)

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