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Re: [SLE] ot ip loop info
On Tuesday 15 May 2001 11:38 am, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * jack malone (jack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [010515 06:00]:
> -> I'm wanting to trace down who owns some ip nuimbers that i see
> ->showing up in a norton's personfirewall on my w2k here at work. I'm
> usinjg ->it til I can free up an older machine here at work for linux to go
> on for ->our firewall for our dsl connection. I thought that there was a
> place at ->networksolutions sight to look up the owner of ip #'s
> ->thanks for the info.
> I know that MS can't instead of looking for traceroute on your
> W2K a command window and type tracert or somthing close to
> it. You can search for it...and then the ip..something like this:
> tracert
> You should be able to trace the ip that hitting you.

hehehe, it's not that they can't spell, it's just that their crappy,
backwards compatible with poop on the ground OS can't have commands with
names longer than 8 characters! I get a laugh out of that everytime I do a
dir at the command prompt and see all those names ending in ~1 :-)

Have a great day :)

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