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Re: RE: [SLE] How to create new user?
Ok, I give up. I have learned alot. But it has become apparent the my fs is
getting hosed by the hour - flakier and flakier. There are more files and
directories that are starting to getting strange owner and grp properties
assigned at random. I think Tor was write - my fs looks as if its getting

My recommendation is that you avoid installs of Gnome if not proficient with
Linux. The damn things is strange. Maybe the Ximian release will be more
stable. This happened after installing Gnome, medusa is always idled in the
background. Network performance has gone down the tubes and I sense a sys
wide crash comming on. Luckily, I am using Linux to learn so I can kick the
M$ habit. I have tried to solve the problem but have stumped many
expereinced user. Tor and the people at the Madison LUG (based out of the
Univerisity of Wisconsin Comp Sci dept) think that my fs is corrupt and I
have to agree. It's only a matter of time 'till it takes a major Sh^t and
fails. So, I will re-install my OS.

See you all in a couple of hours and thank you all for the advice

Sincerely, Curtis Rey

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