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RE: [SLE] Cable Internet Problems
  • From: "SpiderSpell" <spiderspell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 11:49:30 -0400
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Subject: Re: [SLE] Cable Internet Problems

On Sun, 13 May 2001, SpiderSpell wrote:

> I just installed Suse 7.1 and I can't get my cable modem to work with it.
> is recognizing the Ethernet card and dhcp is loading correctly at start up
> but for some unknown reason I am not able to communicate with my provider.
> am in the US using the @home service. If anyone has any ideas they would
> greatly appreciated.
> Diane
There are several companies, using different equipment, that seem to be
using the '@home' trademark, so YMMV...
In the Detroit area, Comcast @home service uses a system based upon
hostname, rather than MAC address. The account name they gave you (Which
they tell you to put in the 'machine name' box in windows) must be
presented to the DHCP server as the 'hostname'. If you're using dhcpd,
declare this with the -h flag. With dhclient, it's declared in
dhclient.conf. I'm not up on pump, so a little research will find the
equivalent syntax.

Rick Green

"I have the heart of a little child, and the brain of a genius.
... and I keep them in a jar under my bed"

Thanks for the suggestion Rick. I did go into usr/sbin/rcdhclient and added
the hostname/computer name and the -h flag as you suggested. The @home
service uses the same system here in Virginia that you described above.
That got the dhclient to load correctly at start up but there seems to be
another problem that I just can't put my finger on. When I open a browser
in Linux I just keep getting messages saying server not recognized. I
talked to Suse and they pinged me successfully however I am not able to ping
out and they are at a loss as well but they also are not very familiar with
cable. I also use the ethernet card and cable modem on windows on this
machine with no problems at all. I have also tried searching the internet
for information about this problem or anything related to using linux with
the @home service but so far every link I found leads to a file that no
longer exists.


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