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RE: [SLE] Turnpike.
Hi Geoff,

I remember Turnpike back when I had a demon account. What is so special
about Turnpike that is tying you into it?, like I said it is ages since I
last used it but can't remember anything in the suite of programs that I
can't do using other applications.

I used to use Outlook for my email but now use kmail (in KDE2), I don't even
have Windows on my machine now. The only downer I have with Linux is the
quality of the web browsers (some pages working differently in different
browsers), but this is getting better with every new release.


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Subject: [SLE] Turnpike.

Although much of my computing is now on my SuSE Linux 7.1, I still have
to keep a Window98 machine running for my e-mail. It runs Turnpike.

Turnpike is an excellent user friendly, stable e-mail package. The
down-side is that it is delaying the deletion of W98.

Does anyone out there know of a Turnpike look-alike for Linux ?
I suppose WINE might be one solution.
Geoff Bagley

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