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Re: [SLE] Memory Leaks
I install Gnome 1.4 and playing video games has gotten to be a problem
because the fps has dropped. Moreover, right arfter a reboot I tried to
login into my user acct (only had one) and the /home/<user> directory turned
into a file (hence no user login into /home/<user>) and in logged me into /.
Even more of a pain, the former directory now file is dated as being created
on 1970-10-13 with owner under a root querry as ??? and the same for grp at
256,8.kb. When querried under my new user acct it reads as user=383 and
grp=446. I regret ever having installed the evil Gnome (and Nautilus - Big
Deal). I have many unaccouted for resource use and KDE takes longer to load
(except under /root). Bad coding??

On Sunday 13 May 2001 19:31, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * Donald E. Stidwell (stidwell@xxxxxxxx) [010513 17:15]:
> ->On Sunday 13 May 2001 16:13, Gary A. Garibaldi wrote:
> ->> Has anyone noticed a memory leak in Kernel 2.4.2. Just upgraded to
> 256megs ->> and still using the swap file. I didn't think that would
> happen unless I ->> ran a bunch of programs at the same time.
> ->
> ->I've noticed this on all kernels I've used with any Linux distro. I have
> 256 ->megs on my main box as well and it seems that some swap is _always_
> used. I ->believe this is normal behaviour because of the Linux memory
> model (someone ->else is welcome to correct/expand on this - my knowledge
> of this area is ->pretty sketchy). However, use of swap seems to be minimal
> if you have ->sufficient RAM.
> My box has 384M of ram and I always have tons of stuff running. I never
> see anymore then a 1/2 meg used unless something goes wanky like Mozilla
> an starts to suck the life out of the machine. If you have 256M then you
> shouldn't see a lot of swap use. BTW..I am using the 2.4.2 kernel that
> Hubert Mantel put out. It seems to work fine. I have a 32 day uptime
> with nothing weird that I can speak of happening.

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