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Re: [SLE] Database and Web interfacing programming language?
On Sunday 13 May 2001 02:25 pm, Alex Daniloff wrote:
> Hello SuSE folks,
> Could somebody please share your personal experience what language/software
> is a best suited for the following need.
> Ability to retrieve/enter information from/to SQL database and display it
> in a form of table or graph in a Web interface.
> I'm using Perl for this things but may be you know a better solution?
> What is about Java, Java script, PHP and others.
> Please share your own experience pros and cons.
> Thank you in advance.
> Alex
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PHP4 is much easier to use that PERL, imho. It's extremely easy.. almost
frighteningly so. MySQL or PostgreSQL are the contenders for the SQL
database, and it's up to you which you use. MySQL is supposed to be faster,
but experienced DBA's and Programmers that are used to putting the SQL logic
inside the DB (which MySQL doesn't do as well as PostgreSQL) would argue with
that statement. Read all about them, and make your own informed decision :-)

Javascript is a way to do fancy things with graphics and text on the client
side. Since it is so well supported in all of the most popular browsers
(IE4+, NS4+, Mozilla, and even Opera), you can go to town with it and know
that it'll probably work. It's best to use Javascript for client side
validation of form input, so that you don't have to make round trips to the
server. You should still validate all form input on the server though, just
in case the user has javascript turned off.

Java Server Pages are supposed to be great too, but you'd have to ask someone
else, as I have no experience with them.

Have fun, and I hope this helps!

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