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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea as a flop.
Hi Ben,
> completed and will do what you want as well. If you don't want to use
> Linux as a desktop..fine but please don't tell me that it's 1/2 baked or
> whatever. After you have gone to OSX and see how it operates..then talk
> about it. It sounds like the same ole " I haven't given it a shot since
> version blah, blah, it sucks." That's just unacceptable and
> it's a weak arguement to make. It's all in what you want.

Can't agree with you more. In my opinion Linux's destop is filling in so
nicely at such a rapid pace, it will soon surpase the any other desktop ever
created in terms on polish. Just look at KDE 1.1.2 from a few years back as
compared to KDE 2.1.2 from this year. The difference is amazing.
I can't understand those who oppose bringing Linux to the desktop. Even if
it gets a pretty face, there is nothing stopping them from continuing to use
the same old Linux without a D.E. It's not like the whole OS is somehow being
turned into a system that doesn't have a console like is the case (for the
most part) in the latest itterations of Windows.


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