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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea as a flop.

> But here is the problem. Does Linux fit this bill?

Yes, for the most part I think it does.

> Yeah in Windows you can
> push and click your way through things but in Linux the console and
> commands in my mind are unavoidable. Plus they are the most powerful
> enttiies which come with a Unix OS. And you mentioned a person shouldn't

Who cares if they are powerful? If a new user can be pleased with the
system without them, there is no reason to make them use the shell. They will
use it if and when they need it (personally, I see the prompt as a useful
tool, but I would much rather be using a pleasant window for my mail, file
management, etc.).

> have to know how to work an IV. I consider a firewall a highly
> sophisticated instrument and I do not think it is the duty of the
> programming community to spend ten years on the development of a utility
> til they finally managed to make it usable by every person out there.

Who said they should spend ten years? Anyway, why do you seemingly reject
anything that attempts to make life easier in Linux?

> Firewalls I think belong in the domain of the more educated computer
> professionals. Now if SuSE thinks its their job to break this barrier then
> go ahead but I don't believe in this. I doubt a person would get much
> support from any government to run a business which teaches 'PlugnPlay IVs'

True. You are right about IV's. Unfortunately with broadband becoming
popular the non-geek public will eventually need to learn how to do things
like setup firewalls. Let's face it, if we are happy where we are, eventually
Linux will be passed up by Microsoft (!) in quality and stability. We must
not be content to leave things in a cryptic fashion. The GUI is the future of
computing, that doesn't mean the shell must go, it just means that the shell
is no longer the centerpiece of the UI.


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