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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea as a flop.

> I use MacSSH to manage my OpenBSD firewall only because I don't want
> to leave my quality desktop for that ugly beta stuff., besides, there
> is no such thing as quality e-mail client on any linux/unix.
> The Bat!, Callypso on NT, Eudora and YA/MT Newswatcher on a Mac. When
> 30 year old Unix will get anything at least distantly comparable,
> i'll look at it as a desktop. To call KMail a client even more so - a
> quality client is a propaganda stretch. I am not touching BBEdit,

Propaganda? Not at all, KMail in KDE 2.1 is extremely useable, dare I say
the best e-mail client on Linux (and the only one I've found with a decent
address book!). Now if you want something more, both Magellan and Aethera
look quite promising.

> an OS is not a condom, shouldn't fit all.

Exactly right, the OS as a whole may not fit all. But, in case you must be
reminded even though RMS is constantly talking about this, Linux is just a
kernel. What we see as the "OS" is much more than simply the Linux kernel.
Maybe the home user doesn't need SuSE Pro with enough networking stuff to
manage the entire internet, but that doesn't mean that Linux isn't the right
system for the job.

> sunset time for a given location is called a port. Yet nobody came up
> with a nice e-mail client to the day. Big infantile mouths. and if

Have you tried KMail in KDE 2.1.x? It is a very good client, comparible to
Outlook Express I think. Like I said too, in a few months KDE will have a
batch of Outlook-clones in the dual of Magellan and Aethera.

> you are happy with this, that's good for you, but not for me. I need
> to grab a thing , drag it, drop and flip it over ... and be done with
> it. I don't have time for dissertations in man format on how to do
> simple things.

Then try KDE on for size. It doesn't require any of that.

> I am not saying that linux is commercially doomed. Not at all. it has
> enough momentum to scare all interested parties. Just don't lose the
> momentum. remember the Java hype? In fact, it's Apple that's dying
> beautifully at the moment.

Agreed about Apple.

> and waistes resources on ReiserFS

Waists resources on ReiserFS? What's waistful about creating a quality file
system that is faster and more reliable than ext2? I use ReiserFS, and it's a
dream to work with, you should give it a chance.


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