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Re: [SLE] Attention new users! [Was] Re: [SLE] traffic on the list
  • From: dizzy73 <dizzy73@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 15:38:40 -0400
  • Message-id: <3AFEE2C0.D1B202A7@xxxxxxxxxx>
I agree completely, I have been subscribed to this list since version 5.3... and
the list has always maintained it community like spirit.IMO this is another great
advantage of SuSE... the tolerance of people discussing what they want, it lends
itself to the close knit community without having to be worried about getting
flamed to death because someone asks an obivious question. (As I've heard takes
place on other linux lists)
I really dont think this is a high traffice list, it does about 100 messages a day
and for the most part they are usually informative to some degree (depending on
where one is at, at the time). I'd say it all comes down to free speach, everyone
here has the rite to post what they want, and usually the bs posts just get
ignored, while the core discussions carry on.

On a side note, I will say one thing that is a small problem is exact duplicate
messages. I suspect this due to sending the mail with kmail. It might help if
people check their mouse setting in K. The single click sometimes is too fast and I
guess the message gets fired off twice. You can see this with messages sent by the
same person at exactly the same time.

even still, I can deal with that

have fun

Ben Rosenberg wrote:

> Well, this list is like a group of friends...something like Cheers. When
> you come in they scream your name and bring you into the fold. It's
> always been like this. There is a lot of technical talk (shop talk),
> personal talk, arguements..etc. It's a very community list, not just a
> help list. It's been like this since the day I joined this list almost
> 3.5 years ago. It probably won't be changing anytime soon because if it
> did change then it would loose it's charm and the ability to be such a
> great place to pose questions. When your into this list and talking
> about SuSE Linux you learn a lot, but you do put up with something
> things. It's a bit like asking Grandpa for have to hear the
> story first before you get the info your looking for...and I personally
> wouldn't change a thing. It's just how is. It's why we use procmail ;)

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