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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea as a flop.
On Sunday 13 May 2001 06:23, Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
> * Purple Shirt <purpleshirt@xxxxxxxxxxx> [010513 14:18]:
> > Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> and for that very reason you are using a web based MUA based on closed
> source.

DOH!!! (or was that DOS?). Sounds a little arrogant to be honest, to be
saying that having a basic gui interface to setup some needed features
unwarrented and that setting up such features should be left to the realm of
a professional (and yes patients learn to run their own IV - at home, etc.
Just not in the hospital where trained personal are available). The human
being learns best through multiple modalities - lexiconal, Iconal, auditory,
and tactile - hence why gui's are a viable interface for the end-user. And
yes the console is a useful and needed feature.
The biggest problem that I have is with the current state of documentation.
I wouldn't mind setting up a firewall from scratch if the documentation was
written with so many assumed givens (and not out of date). It's not about
trying to dive into the complexities of Linux, it's about the time to sort
through vague and poorly written docs and then spending not just hours or
days, but weeks hunting down adjunct documentation on a given subject to get
the fulliest understanding (beleive me hunting down documentation is my
middle name and part in parcel to my profession - and Latin aint no stranger
to me either, try doing DNA and biochem/physiol/anatomy........).
Its about time vs returns for expenditures. I would love to just sit down
and spend all the time I wanted learning to run my Linux box, go to all the
LUG meetings I could, and maybe hire a Linux guru to come over once or twice
a week to teach me. Unfortunately, that aint gonna happen - too busy, too
many things to do otherwise. I want a reliable system (hence my interest
with Linux, or disgust with M$) and I want it safe and secure and to be able
to set it up myself. I just want something that will make it easier to
understand and more accessable.

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