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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea as a flop.
  • From: Yuri K <koroby398@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 23:35:25 -0700 (PDT)
  • Message-id: <20010513063525.68588.qmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
--- "Timothy R.Butler" <tbutler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
snipped for brevity
> I also have several other KDE2 features that helped, such as a
> quality
> e-mail client (I'm not going to use a console for my e-mail,
> consoles are for
> typing commands!). Let's face it, bringing Linux to the desktop
> doesn't mean
> having pretty ASCII colors on your BASH shell, but having a quality
> desktop
> environment that makes getting work done easier. KDE2 is that
> desktop, IMO.

I use MacSSH to manage my OpenBSD firewall only because I don't want
to leave my quality desktop for that ugly beta stuff., besides, there
is no such thing as quality e-mail client on any linux/unix.
The Bat!, Callypso on NT, Eudora and YA/MT Newswatcher on a Mac. When
30 year old Unix will get anything at least distantly comparable,
i'll look at it as a desktop. To call KMail a client even more so - a
quality client is a propaganda stretch. I am not touching BBEdit,
Macromedia and Adobe products. Databasing is a different matter.
Superiority of a true multitasking-multiuser-multithreading OS is
striking. The same is true for proxy, e-mail and web serving. File
serving and printing are done best by Novell. Nothing comes close in
that department.

an OS is not a condom, shouldn't fit all.

now tell me, why SuSE Pro 7.0 I have prompts for a disk #2 when I try
to do a minimal install? is this attention to detail or they want to
be sure I have the whole set? Linux commercially will succeed only if
a class of self-propagating service professionals is created, like
those MSFT drones who don't know how to use text in e-mail yet have
MCSE after their names. And it's not possible without real Sugar
Daddy like IBM or HP. The latter just announced that they pick
Debian. btw. Smart move. Grass roots alone are not enough. it's like
in BSD camp: FreeBSD claims to have over 7000 ports now. If you look
into it, you may see that some perl script spit-outs calcualting
sunset time for a given location is called a port. Yet nobody came up
with a nice e-mail client to the day. Big infantile mouths. and if
you are happy with this, that's good for you, but not for me. I need
to grab a thing , drag it, drop and flip it over ... and be done with
it. I don't have time for dissertations in man format on how to do
simple things.

I am not saying that linux is commercially doomed. Not at all. it has
enough momentum to scare all interested parties. Just don't lose the
momentum. remember the Java hype? In fact, it's Apple that's dying
beautifully at the moment.

but if SuSE is packing tons of non-functional shovelware like
RealPlayer 5, Lilo circa XX century and waistes resources on ReiserFS
just to have something made in non-Amerika that's their problem. I am
not going to give them any money. the manual is nice though. may be
they should become involved with publishing business instead? Nobody
in the industry made ANY money on customer service, nobody even MSFT
itself. repackaging in big quantities and marketing brainwashing is
the key.

Tschüß, Yørik
Vancouver, WA/USA

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