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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea

> and just because I rant against corporate power doesn't mean I am opposed
> to corporations to exist. I am just against corporations ripping off people
> and badly invested money.

You also seem to be agaist corportations actually expecting people to pay
them for their software so that they can pay their own bills...

> That is why I don't own physical property. I don't ever buy any goods
> because they fail to meet their promise. There is three things I own. A
> computer, mutual funds (probably with msft in them) and my knowledge.

Hey, if that works for you.

> See I grew up in East Germany and back then you could trust people. Yeah
> the government was maybe corrupt and a dictatorship but heck you could
> depend on that fact. You were never stabbed in the back because they were
> up front with you about what rights you had and did not have. Also back
> then products used to be of quality. My sister was born in 1974 and my
> parents bought a toaster oven in the same year. The thing still worked in
> the 90s. Yeah back then you had to wait ten years for a car but once you
> got it you were sure it would run for 20 years.

I really can't believe when I see stuff like this. Now you sound like your
talking about the good old days of no free speech in the Soviet bloc. Being
an American, I hold free speech in the highest regard, and I would think
anyone arguing the superiority of the GPL would too.

> Today things get produced with MTTF and MTTR in mind. They charge you for
> warranties which run out the minute before your property breaks. They hook
> you with rebates you never end up recalling. They sell you licenses instead
> of goods. And we got open source companies selling closed source software.

All because companies must make money so people can make money so they can
buy stuff so that companies make money... Seriously, of course companies
concentrate on the bottom line and try to make money, other wise they'd join
the ranks of and Eazel.

> Yeah I am no angel and I got investments to basically secure myself in the
> world we live in but I try to support the least of it.

But you are trying to secure yourself. That is the same thing people are
trying to do when they make money off of software.


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