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Re: [SLE] Linux Commercial Idea
  • From: Philipp Thomas <pthomas@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 02:39:40 +0200
  • Message-id: <ah6rftg9v19p9rg9c2pb4uguqejmh01gr2@xxxxxxx>
* Purple Shirt [Sat, 12 May 2001 13:05:16 ]:

Please, have a look at . You didn't really
have to quote the complete message to make your replies.

>What support are people talking about on this list all the time. I never
>used any SuSE support. I use google and linuxdoc and this list. Yes I have
>used SuSE employee input from this list but I didn't personally ask for it.

Just don't forget that companies like SuSE, Red Hat or VA Linux pay
quite a few people to work on free Software.

>I said I don't agree with YaST being closed source.

You haven't really read the YaST license, have you? You may do with it
but you want, unless you want to make money with it, It's then that we
require you talk with us. Is this the GPL, no. Is it unreasonable, I
think no. But YMMV.

Penguins to save the dinosaurs
-- Handelsblatt on Linux for S/390

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